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Why Propane?

For Today's Lifestyle & Your Family's Comfort,
Propane gas has a lot of other advantages that simply make life more pleasant. A propane gas water heater recovers twice as fast as an electric one - and can make running out of hot water a thing of the past. Most homeowners prefer propane gas furnaces because they are more comfortable. They produce warmer air than an electric heat pump which eliminates that "drafty" feeling. Propane gas dryers get clothes dry faster and more efficiently than electric dryers. And a propane gas range heats more evenly and reduces the risk of burning with its "instant off" feature. It's also never affected by an electrical power outage.

For Your Pocketbook
When compared to propane gas, electricity is downright expensive. The U.S. Department of Energy's 1999 list of representative average unit costs showed that electricity commonly costs $24.09 per million BTUs, while propane costs on the average only $8.43 per million BTUs. As a general rule, a family of 4 uses approximately 12 gallons of propane per month to cook. And, a family of 4 with a 30 gallon gas water heater uses approximately 100 gallons of propane per 3-4 months. Depending on where you live, the difference can add up to hundreds of dollars a year. Couldn't you use those savings?

For the Earth's Environment
You may not have realized it, but an enormous amount of coal and oil are used to create electricity every day. The fact is, electrical plants emit toxic chemicals like sulfur and nitrogen oxides into our air that create acid rain and the dreaded "greenhouse effect." The more we conserve electricity by using propane gas, the less we'll need to produce. And that can cut down on the amount of pollutants that are released into our atmosphere. That's why it makes sense to use propane gas instead of electricity.

For True Efficiency
The electricity people like to say that their product is 100 percent efficient when it is used in your home. Frankly, that's a statistic that's not very relevant or realistic. How the energy is created is a much more important statistic, and electricity doesn't fare nearly as well as propane gas. From the point of generation to your home, coal-fired electricity is actually only 28.5 percent efficient. The price of this inefficiency is reflected in your electric bill. In a similar comparison, propane gas is about 93 percent efficient. Quite a difference! When you add up all the reasons, it's smart to use propane.