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Propane vs. Electricity

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If you used 1,200 KWH per month of electricity to heat your home, water and cook your total electric costs would be $140.64.

ONE gallon of propane is equal to 27 KWH of electricity.

In comparison 1200 KWH divided by 27 KWH = 44.4 gallon of Propane.

Propane at $1.199 at 44.4 gal is $53.24.  

Which energy would you choose after seeing the comparison?

Propane at $53.24 for 1200 KWH

Electricity at $140.64 for 1200 KWH

Other reasons why Propane is the better way to go:

  • Propane water heaters recover twice as fast as electric, which means you won't run out of hot water as fast

  • Propane gas dryers dry clothes faster, which means they are more efficient than electric dryers

  • A propane gas stove heats more evenly and reduces the risk of burning with its "instant off" feature

  • Propane gas fireplaces & heaters keep running during power outages

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