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Recently, Robert Reeves & his wife Linda made a trip up to the northwest coast of Washington. They visited the Olympic National Forest where the trees grow large (as you can see in their pictures). They saw many beautiful sights on this vacation, and they highly recommend to anyone the fun adventure of riding electric bikes along the Pacific coast.

Call Robert today and ask him to show you MORE of his vacation pictures – we know there are many more! Some of the best moments are included below.

Robert & Linda in front of the Western fir & spruce trees in the Olympic National Forest.

Robert, Beverly, and Rachelle Brandt in the Olympic National Forest.

Robert & Linda standing at the roots of the trees of the Olympic National Forest.

A lighthouse in Seaview, Washington.

lighthouse inside
Robert & Linda inside the lighthouse in Seaview, Washington.

Linda Reeves riding a yellow electric bicycle along the Pacific coast in Washington.